The top 3 most beautiful islands to visit in Central America

The pearl islands of Central America can offer visitors luxurious paradisiacal landscapes, which harbors rich cultural heritages, as well as varied flora and fauna. These islands are easily accessible to tourists who are bound to return enchanted from their vacation.

Cuba, a place not to be missed during your stay in Central America

Located halfway between Latin America and the United States, the archipelago of Cuba is the largest in the Caribbean. It is a very special place. This country is still poor and has been marked mainly by the Revolution, but culturally rich and has extraordinary architecture. Land of the rumba, rum, and salsa, Cuba is made up of treasures, magnificent fauna and flora, and wonderful natural sites where the best tobacco in the world is planted. This island is a peculiar destination, where there is a pleasant change of scenery, safe and attractive, especially for the family and the elderly. In addition, the sun is shining all year round.

Do not forget to visit the beautiful San Blas Island

To put you in the picture, the San Blas archipelago is located in the Caribbean. Its islands belong administratively to the community of Panamá Guna Yala. The archipelago contains several islands, and only about sixty of them are inhabited. Rio Sidra is the most populated island. It is a sublime place with fascinating cultures. This archipelago is a paradise for ecotourism because of its pristine islands and the few tourists that you will find there. The Gunas are able to protect and control the San Blas archipelago from a large expansion of tourism. They have been able to maintain the reefs and islands, relatively beautiful.

Bocas del Toro, one of the region's flagship islands

Bocas del Toro is a tourist archipelago located on the Caribbean coast. For party people or surfers, it is a small paradise. However, there is also something else you can do. There is rather unspoiled nature, so a hike in its jungle or a small tour in the canopy trees would be a great idea. You can also do some boat tours to observe its beautiful beaches and animals such as birds, sloths, starfish ... You can also make a trip to Carenero Beach which is close to Bocas Town. You can get there in only 10 minutes.

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