Tropical Stopover on Saona Island Natural Reserve

A stay in the Dominican Republic is all you need to fully enjoy Saona, a legendary island in which the fauna and flora are the primary actors. Why choose this destination? What can you do there?

Create memories in the heart of the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is located in the center of the Caribbean, more precisely between Puerto Rico and Cuba. This dream destination seduces most tourists because of its sunny climate, its gentle lifestyle, and its generous nature. In addition to its hundreds of kilometers of beaches, the Dominican Republic is home to an impressive fauna and flora that make its reputation. Well served, the territory shelters dream beaches decorated with coconut palms, cities in the colonial style, and majestic mountains. A trip to the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to make a real connection with nature.

Visit the pearl of the Dominican Republic

Saona Island is located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic. This paradisiacal place, classified as a natural reserve, is famous for its unspoiled beaches which have been used as a background for many commercials. Moreover, the directors of cinema could not do without it either. With breathtaking scenery, the island is home to a vast forest area, lush vegetation, and remarkable sea beds. With no buildings on the horizon, Saona welcomes its residents in Mano Juan, a small fishing village. The island is also the ideal place to admire a great variety of birds, namely the gallareta partridge, yaguazas, and parakeets. Saona is the recommended spot for nature lovers. This place is a constant reminder of being on vacation making you want to stay there forever. A stay here is enough to recharge your battery and create lasting memories.

Fill up on activities on Saona Island

A trip to Saona Island is not limited to discovering the fauna and flora, your escapade gives you the opportunity to visit the famous National Park of the East. This small paradise offers more than 100 kmĀ² of palm trees and long white sand beaches. The waters are transparent or turquoise; you will have no difficulty admiring the marine species they contain. Mano Juan in turn is fascinating with its colorful wooden houses and restaurants where you can taste the local delicacies. Do you like to see turtles? The Turtle Recovery Center preserves them. Trekking enthusiasts will not be disappointed, the Flamenco Lagoon is the meeting point for passionate people. Some native birds can be seen there. Allow yourself a break at Canto de la Playa beach, on the southeastern tip of the island. A snorkeling session is a must before leaving the place.

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