What is the best season to go to the Bahamas?

The climate remains almost permanently favorable and pleasant all year round. The archipelago of about 700 islands and islets of the Bahamas is a sunny country. Crossed by the current of the Gulf, with its paradisiacal beaches, it is located to the north by the island of Cuba and to the east by the peninsula of Florida. The four seasons of the year in the archipelago offer wonderful times to visit. But when is the best time to visit the Bahamas?

Low tourist season to go to the Bahamas

This is the ideal time to be in the Bahamas archipelago. Winter and spring are great times to go to the Bahamas. This will allow you to escape the rainy season with sunny days of almost 9 hours, as well as the high tourist season. For all those who prefer peace and quiet, this is the perfect time of year for those who choose to travel with their families and enjoy the scenery in peace. The islands of the Bahamas with their tropical climate are a dream for sunbathers. The beaches and coconut palms on the edge of turquoise waters offer tourists landscapes of beauty beyond compare. It is also a dream place for celebrities and artists wishing to take a relaxing stay by the sea on a heavenly beach.

Rainy season to visit the Bahamas?

The summer climate offers the Bahamas tourism breathtaking views to enjoy the scuba diving sites. The wrecks in the seabed are home to different populations of colorful fish just waiting to be visited. Tropical showers in the form of passing thunderstorms provide optimal visibility of the water during the rainy period and make it favorable for diving. It offers wonderful weather to experience:
  • a tour of the caves of Fernandez Bay;
  • ┬áthe caves of Sandy Point which offer an incredible sandy panorama.

High tourist season in the Bahamas

For all those who prefer the thrill; this is the best season to go to the Bahamas. The island would be full of visitors with different cultures that bring special flavors and makes the trip enjoyable. With rain and good weather. As soon as the sun rises in the morning, you can take underwater tours, admire the scenery and visit land sites. The high tourist season is from December to August. This period is very rainy, but it rains mostly at the end of the day. And from June to October, the Bahamas experiences hurricanes from the Caribbean.

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