Where can you swim with dolphins in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean and the wonders it contains have always known how to make the hearts of the discovery lovers collapse. Especially for dolphin lovers, having the opportunity to swim with one is certainly one of the best adventures you can have. Actually, there are specific places in the Caribbean where you can meet them. Here is an in-depth look at the subject.

Which Caribbean seas are home to dolphins?

Dolphins are among the nicest and most sociable mammals in the world. Harmless, it is perfectly possible to swim with them, it is the case in some Caribbean waters. The joyful air that these animals share is what attracts many people to come to them. They are more comfortable with humans in their natural habitat. The Caribbean offers the opportunity to swim with these friendly creatures in some of its breathtaking seas. These include the sea of Punta Cana, Martinique and Guadeloupe. However, for your safety, it is essential to follow the directions of the instructors in the field. That said, certain requirements must be met in order to approach them safely. For a memorable stay, it is recommended to always be accompanied by a qualified monitor.

What season should I go to see the dolphins?

If you are visiting the Caribbean especially to swim with dolphins, it is better to come during the most favorable season. Thus, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to avoid coming during the winter seasons, the ideal for nautical activities being the summer periods with a warm climate. For these regions, this period generally corresponds to the time between November and April, also called the Lenten period. During this season, the northern part of Martinique is 95% suitable for swimming with dolphins, the waters being the deepest with little agitation. In Guadeloupe, from March to April, in the archipelago of Petite-Terre, you can see bottlenose dolphins, pilot dolphins, Fraser's dolphins, and many other incredible dolphin species.

How to get there?

For an extraordinary experience, travel agencies are always recommended. Many agencies in the Caribbean offer dolphin-watching trips during the best seasons. These agencies favor small boats to get there, which are considered the most suitable means of transportation to avoid scaring or driving the dolphins away. In addition, these mammals prefer quiet places without agitation, it is quite rare that they come to the coast, and if so, they go there only to feed. Currently, several agencies offer "all-inclusive" packages, from the place of departure of each customer to the arrival in the Caribbean. To find the best services, making a prior booking is more suitable than coming unannounced, especially during the high season when masses of tourists fill all the Caribbean hotels.

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