3 spots to admire the Great Barrier Reef while snorkeling

The vacation season is coming up fast; for most people, summer vacation often rhymes with lounging and staying at the beach, by the sea, and with the feet planted on the warm sand. Indeed, the activities that one could do on a beach are quite numerous. Moreover, for the scuba diving lovers, there are beaches like the one in the Dominican Republic to do snorkeling. To guide you in your quest, here are three spots not to be missed to contemplate the great barrier reef while diving.

La Romane

If you choose to dive in the province of La Romana, you can visit the wreck of the Atlantic Princess as well as the wreck of Saint-Georges and enjoy the incredible spectacle offered by the fish that gravitate around. Then there is Catalina Island, an island of 9 km² in an area that is part of the province of La Romana. It is located in the Caribbean and protected by the coral reef. It is an ideal tourist spot for snorkeling, as the water is shallow and overflowing with fish. Divers will have the chance to enjoy good visibility, as the water is very clear. For more details, visit godominicanrepublic.com.


Samanà is a peninsula accessible from the coast of Las Terrenas. It is endowed with several sites accessible for snorkeling. Samanà is endowed with a bluffing landscape that is on the surface or under water. Indeed, on the surface, one can enjoy the beach decorated with white sands and palm trees with a view on the sea. Under water, divers will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of marine life. Still protected by the coral reef, one can find various types of fish (such as surgeon fish) and colorful corals. For experienced divers, they can go to the dolphin wreck that is 28 meters deep.

Punta Cana

One of the must-see spots for diving in the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana. Protected by the coral reef, Punta Cana is full of underwater paradise, not to mention the natural beauty of the turquoise waters. In this part of the Dominican Republic, divers, even beginners, will have the opportunity to explore a magnificent aquarium. You can find various types of fish such as spotted barracudas, porcupine fish, eagle rays, parrot fish, and sand fish.

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