Curaçao: an island of great wealth in the heart of the Caribbean

A former Dutch colony, this charming island of several thousand inhabitants is distinguished by its colorful villages, crystal clear waters, coral reefs, and abundant underwater flora. Curaçao is a Caribbean destination that combines history with an escape from everyday life. Curaçao's exotic charm entices tourists to keep coming back.

Curaçao and its beautiful landscapes

Curaçao covers an area of 470 km2 and is approximately 60 km long from southeast to northwest and 16 km wide. It is the largest island in the Dutch Caribbean Sea. The southern part of the coast is winding and full of small bays and coves of exceptional beauty. You will find breathtaking scenery and an enchanting setting. The largest bays are in the central and eastern part of the island, where the capital and the main port of Willemstad is located.

Curaçao and its must-do activities

This colorful island is also home to water sports. It's an ideal place for experienced divers, surrounded by the Caribbean's extensive coral reefs. The clear blue waters and 30 white sandy beaches covered with lush cacti will leave no one untouched. If you arrive in advance, the beaches are at your disposal. Landmarks in the area include dive sites and caves of geological and historical interest. You can explore some of the best underwater resorts in the world, such as the Blue Hole, one of the 65 most famous dive sites in the world.

Relaxation is the key word for your stay in Curaçao

Once you've been shown the wonders of the island, you can relax. There are many bays where you can spend a relaxing vacation with your loved ones, and there are also some of the best water sports spots, such as Banda Abu. Why not enjoy the sun and blue skies by the sea? Spread your towel on one of the island's 30 beautiful beaches and fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the sand. If you want to be close to nature, take a bike ride through the cactus forest. You can also climb Mount Cristobal for breathtaking views. In between activities, enjoy the local cuisine in the city's many restaurants. There is something for everyone, from fish stew to fried chicken and pancakes.

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