Santa Maria Beach in Cuba: ranked as one of the most beautiful in the world

Santa María Beach is an island located in Cuba. It is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. For your next vacation, discover the paradisiacal landscapes of Santa María Beach.

Discover the island of Santa María Beach, in Cuba

Santa María Beach or Cayo Santa María is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent islands in Cuba, if not the world. Santa María Beach is one of the last islands accessible by the floating road of Pedraplén. Pedraplén is a road known worldwide for its respect for nature. By crossing this road to reach the island of Cayo Santa María, you will have the impression to float on water. The island of Santa María Beach covers an area of 18 km². It offers tens of kilometers of fine sandy beaches, bordered by translucent water. The paradisiacal beaches of Santa María Beach are ideal for vacationers looking for a quiet place to relax. In addition to its idyllic beaches, Santa María Beach also offers you the opportunity to discover its diverse fauna and flora. The south of the island is marked by still wild nature, a luxuriant flora that overflows with rare species.

What are the leisure activities offered by the island?

Santa María Beach, offers many activities that will mark your stay. Visiting Crucero del Sol is one of the must-dos during your vacation in Santa María Beach. Your excursion will start with a catamaran ride to Crucero del Sol. You will be able to enjoy an exceptional swim with dolphins in the turquoise waters. You can also practice snorkeling and eat seafood for lunch. Another place worth visiting is the Delfinario de Cayo Santa María. For animal lovers, this dolphin aquarium will offer you breathtaking shows. Finally, the island offers many typical restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine and the know-how of the inhabitants.

What are the most beautiful beaches on the island?

All the beaches of Santa Maria Island are beautiful, but among the most stunning are Perla Blanca Beach, Las Cametas, and Cuatro Punta. These are the kind of beaches that you find on postcards of the Caribbean! The beach of Perla Blanca is located in the north of the island. Its beauty is marked by its white sand and crystal clear waters. It is a beach where you can relax and get rid of all your stress. During your trip to Perla Blanca, you will have the chance to meet dolphins and many other marine animals (starfish, shells, fish, etc.).

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