The butterfly island in Guadeloupe: an exceptional hiking trail in a lush landscape

Visiting Guadeloupe provides an opportunity to stretch one's legs and discover the best corners of Butterfly Island. Choosing the right hiking route allows you to walk around, tone up your body without making it suffer, and create unique memories.

Guadeloupe, an outstanding nature destination

Guadeloupe is appreciated for its gentle way of life. This destination appeals to nature lovers for its unparalleled beauty. The diversity of landscapes makes the places unique, each corner is a show not to be missed. The vast food crops, the paradisiacal beaches, and the famous translucent lagoon make you want to live in Guadeloupe and break permanently with the daily routine. If your plans prevent you from doing so, consider exploring the area for the best memories. You can visit a park of more than 20,000 hectares to admire the local biodiversity or make a detour to the legendary islands of the territory.

Hiking in Guadeloupe, a unique experience

Hiking is the best way to immerse yourself in the heart of Butterfly Island and discover its treasures. You can choose from a variety of hiking spots, and adapt them according to your desire to escape and the intensity of your hike. La Soufrière offers interesting circuits. A 360° view awaits you at the top of this volcanic massif of about 1,467 meters of altitude. The luxuriant vegetation on the spot is composed of orchids and Bromeliads. Endemic species such as the Mygale also are waiting for you. The Carbet Falls are also worth a visit. Locate the first 2 in the National Park of Guadeloupe. A few hours of walking will allow you to reach them. The coastline of Deshaies also offers a long walk that begins with the ascent of Gros Morne located near the cemetery of Deshaies. The view on the beach of Grande Anse is magnificent. You can also discover the Trace des Crêtes, the Acomat trail, the Pointe des Châteaux and the Grande Vigie, the Sommet du Chameau, the Murat trail in the direction of Marie-Galante and the Grand Nord trail of La Désirade.

Be well equipped during your hike in Guadeloupe

Butterfly Island has a lot to offer whether you are on land or exploring its turquoise waters. No matter which itinerary you choose, remember to be well equipped to avoid unforeseen events. Among the essential clothing, you might need a raincoat to help you withstand rain or showers, a quick-drying change of clothes, and soft but sturdy footwear to walk comfortably through wet forests and rocky terrain. Hiking boots are recommended for optimal walking comfort. Don't forget accessories such as a towel, swimsuit, and first aid kit. A waterproof pouch can secure your cell phone. A flashlight and some food supplies are also essential when hiking.

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